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Low Fence Hunts 
Texas and Oklahoma 
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Hog Hunts


Evening Hunts (3:30 pm to sunset) $175.00/Gun

Night Hunts (sunset to midnight) $275.00/Gun

Night hunts are only available on Friday & Saturday

Deer Hunts 

Guide Fee: 1/2 Day (evening only) $250.00

Guide Fee: Full Day $350.00

Buck (9 pt. or less)Kill Fee: $1,250.00

Buck (10 pt. or more)Kill Fee: $1,550.00

Doe Kill Fee: $250.00

Skinning & Quartering: (optional)$75.00

Turkey/Dove Hunts 

Turkey Full Day (Two bird limit)


½ Day (one bird limit)


Dove Full Day (4 Gun minimum) 


Dove ½ Day (evening only)(4 Gun minimum) 


**All deer hunts include transportation to and from hunting grounds, 

       field dressing, and transportation of deer to Whitakers Game Processing

     if so desired (hunter responsible for meat processing fees)

Lodging options available upon request. 


**    All hog hunts include transportation to and from the field

**    Two gun minimum on all hog hunts and 2 Hog limit per gun

**     Hog hunts DO NOT include field dressing or skinning 


**All turkey hunts include transportation to and from the field

 **Dove hunters to provide their own transportation to and from the field   

All hunts Require a $150 non-refundable deposit/hunter at the time of booking. 



Guided Wild Hog Hunts

Daytime Ground 


Guided Deer Hunts

Free-Range Buck

Guaranteed Doe Hunts 

Turkey Hunts 




Guided Wild Hog Hunts

Guided Deer Hunts

Turkey Hunts 


Guided Wild Hog Hunts

Guided Deer Hunts

Free-Range Buck

Guaranteed Doe Hunts 

Daytime Ground 


Turkey Hunts 




OUR Hunts

A Collection of Recent Hunts 



Flying L Ranches invites you to come enjoy an unforgettable outing on one of our unique family owned properties.


We operate 5,600 acres in Wilbarger County, Texas and Cotton County, Oklahoma, much of which lies along the highly coveted Red River. Known far and wide for its quality habitat, the Red River yields fine, mature animals year in and year out. We own nearly three miles of river frontage and these properties are  home range to an abundance of game. The Red River, being a linear habitat, also allows for an influx of game from other home ranges moving up and down the river. Our properties have large food plot fields that attract game from adjacent ranges and some have unique elevation changes of up to 300 vertical feet, for spotting game over a thousand yards away.


Our guides are extremely skilled in wildlife spotting, scoring and ranging to further assist each hunter Each guide is very familiar with all tracts of land and are well schooled in game patterns and tracking. Our goal is to create a unique habitat in a low impact environment with minimal hunting pressure to maximize your outdoor experience. 


Please contact us today via phone or email to book an unforgettable hunting experience.


To contact us via email:


To contact us by phone:  940-636-6061 or 940-781-1365 




Have you ever calculated the cost of lease hunting in Texas?:


Annual Lease (per gun)                                         $1,500.00

Feeder w/spin cast                                                $250.00

Game camera                                                         $100.00

Corn for 4 months                                                  $200.00

Mileage (800 miles @ $.75/mile)                         $650.00

Your Time  (for setup, maintenance,scouting and hunting) 50+ hours


TOTAL EXPENSES                  $2,650.00    



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you give military, children or veteran discounts?

A:    All hunts are competitively priced with very marginal profit margins, therefor we are not able to offer discounts.


Q: Do you have lodging available?

A:    Yes. For an additional charge of $50/person/day ($100/day minimum), we offer two separate lodging facilities. One sleeps four and comes with complete kitchen, one bathroom and living area. Another sleeps four with full bathroom and living area. 

Q: Do you allow non-hunting guests and at what cost?

A:    Yes. Each guided hunter is allowed ONE non-hunting guest for an additional $75.00/day


Q: Are your properties high fenced?

A:    No. All game is free range.

Q: Do you offer self-guided hunts?

A:    No. All hunts are guided hunts.

Q: How many hunters can you accommodate at one time?

A:    We intentionally keep our hunter saturation low in order to provide the ultimate hunting experience for our customers.

    Deer hunters…………3 at any one time

    Hog hunters………….6 at any one time

    Turkey hunters……..2 at any one time

    Dove hunters……….10 at any one time

Q: What is the limit on hogs?

A:    Two hogs per hunter per day

Q: What are your success rates on deer, hog and turkey?

A:    Mature Bucks on a two day hunt………..50% opportunity

    Mature Does on a one day hunt………..100% opportunity

    Hogs on an evening  hunt……….…….……75% opportunity

    Turkey on a one day hunt……………….....60% opportunity

    (Opportunity is defined as a high percentage in range shot)

Q: What kind of buck scores are common on your hunting range?

A:    The average mature buck (4.5 to 6.5 years of age) will generally score between 135 and 155

    Boone and Crockett. Occasionally there are exceptional bucks, particularly along the Red River, that can exceed a score of 165.

Q: Do you have skinning facilities and cold storage?

A:    We do have skinning facilities, and will provide transportation to a local processing facility where processing and cold storage is available.

Q: What are the licensing requirements to hunt?

A:    All Texas hunters will have to purchase a valid Texas hunting license with the required tags and stamps in order to hunt deer, hogs, turkey or migratory birds. All Oklahoma hunters will have to purchase a valid Oklahoma hunting license with all the required tags and stamps in order to hunt deer, turkey, hogs or migratory birds. A federal migratory bird stamp is required to hunt dove in Texas and Oklahoma. Active military are exempt from “Out of State” charges in Oklahoma. Hunter education cards are required by ALL hunters born after September 1, 1971.

Q: At what range are most shots taken?

A:    Most of our feeders are set up inside of 100 yards. Our feed fields and overlook blinds allow for shots up to 300 yards

Q: What caliber rifle is required for hunting on your ranches?

A:    For deer we require a .223 or larger rifle. For hogs we require a .243 or larger rifle.

Q: Do you offer archery hunts?

A:    Yes. Archery hunts are available at the same fee structure.

OUR Hunts
Est. 2014

Contact Us

Flying L Ranches

3103 Barrett Pl 

Wichita Falls, TX 76308

(940) 781-1365

(940) 636-6061

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Michael, Joplin MO

“My first trip to Flying L Ranches was a success! We arrived later than expected and didn’t have a lot of time to hunt, but the guides had us on hogs most of the day and night. My guide, was outstanding and knows what he’s doing. He gave me the opportunity to put down 3 hogs. The guys at Flying L Ranches went above and beyond for us. Can’t wait to come back!”

Mica, Beloit Kansas

“ Thank  you for the great hunts we had this season. Everyone, including me, made memories we will never forget. I’ve been on very few hunts over the years where every member of the group has had at least one good opportunity every time out. It’s nice to have so many options for places to hunt and we appreciate you adjusting each hunt to the hunters in our group. Thanks again and please hold the same weekends next year.”

Russel T, Forney TX

“I hunted with Ted and Flying L Ranches 3 times last year and can’t wait to get to hunting with them again this year. Ted is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent guide, He really knows his stuff and I always had a great hunt. The deer are there too. I saw no less than 15 deer each day. I took my two teenage nieces one one of the hunts. Neither had ever hunted deer. Within 15 minutes of legal light the first morning, they each had a fat doe on the ground. They had a great time and I felt very confident leaving them in the blinds with my guide and his wife. The pricing was very fair and the accommodations were very nice and had all the comforts of home, and the hunting was great. I have already and continue to highly recommend Ted and Flying L Ranches for a great hunting experience.”

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